About Me

You've stumbled upon my personal website. I'm a 30 year old geek, husband and dad to a beautiful little son. I'm living and working as a software developer in Konstanz, in the south of germany. If we met online or in some demo scene context you might know me as gilligan.


I am working as a software developer writing Java bollocks but in my spare time i'm mostly interested in other programming languages and topics. You can have a look at my github page if you feel like it: github.com/gilligan


While I haven't actively contributed to the demoscene in years i'm still a big fan and if you like computers, arts, hacking then so should you. Some essential links:


Nothing much to see here right now. Sooner or later various articles written by me should show up here.


From time to time I will post some stuff on my blog over at http://superfamicomtastic.wordpress.com/